Our Mission

The mission of the Working Animal Guide Society of Louisiana (WAGS) is to provide support services for current and future Service Dog owners, including persons with owner- trained Service Dogs. Our goal is to provide EDUCATION (Which includes training at "Task Support Sessions") and support for the various uses, laws, resources and training of Service Dogs. These Services are provided to enhance the partnership of persons with disabilities and their Service Dogs throughout Louisiana and the U.S.

Who We Are

The Working Animal Guide Society of Louisiana is  now a  501c3 non-profit group made up of caring members from diverse backgrounds and with varying disabilities. Many members have owner trained Service Dogs that suit different needs. As a result members work with a variety of breeds from Doberman Pinchers, Great Danes to Toy Poodles and Yorkshire Terriers.

We share a passion for providing education and support to current owners of Service Dogs and those who may need to investigate the pros and cons of owning a Service dog. We do not provide Service Dogs to individuals. However, if you are disabled and your quality of life could be improved with the help of a Service Dog, then we may be able to help you in your quest by providing education, support and guidance.

It is important to remember that animals are not perfect and must be maintained, trained and loved as part of a life long commitment. It is also important to note that WAGS LOUISIANA understands there are many different routes to take while searching for, TRAINING and working with Service Dogs.  

Service Dogs in the community 

Service Dogs are within communities. Not long ago Louisiana had far if few between Service Dogs, many came from schooled or private trainers and the general public had little if no contact with those who used them. Within the past decade there has been more awareness of ALL the jobs that a Service Dog can do for others and many breakthroughs on research with canines all together.

While many of refer to these dogs as "Service Dogs" who use them many groups refer to them as Assistance Dogs or highlight the job…Read more

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 The imformation on this Web site is strictly for informational purposes.  WAGS, Louisiana or the Working Animal Guide Society of Louisiana does not train dog trainers and is not a Service dog school.  However we do provide "Task Support Sessions" which are considered FORMAL TRAINING SESSIONS. After your SD in Training is Evaluated (Or tested per criteria) we provide a Certificate to you when they have reached a certain level of training knowledge. We are a support group for SD owner/ handlers which provides guidance, EDUCATION and support for Service Dog teams who may need continued guidance regarding Service Dogs and how they can enhance they lives of their disabled partners through continued "Task support sessions", events and field trips designed to utilize the partnership of SDs in the lives of their owners.
 Disclaimer: Any information or opinions shared in "WAGS & Tails" Blog are strictly the opinions of the individuals who post them and are not the  specific opinions of  Working Animal Guide Society of Louisiana aka WAGS, Louisiana as a group.